ISSN 1662-4009 (online)

ey0017.9-13 | Childhood Cancer, Radiation Therapy and Thyroid Disease | ESPEYB17

9.13. Hyperthyroidism after radiation therapy for childhood cancer: A report from the childhood cancer survivor study

PD Inskip , LHS Veiga , AV Brenner , AJ Sigurdson , E Ostroumova , EJ Chow , M Stovall , SA Smith , W Leisenring , LL Robison , GT Armstrong , CA Sklar , JH Lubin

To read the full abstract: Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2019 Jun 1;104(2):415–424. inskippeter@gmail.comChildhood cancer survivors (CCSs) are at increased risk to develop thyroid disease, in particular hypothyroidism, nodular disease and thyroid cancer. Hyperthyroidism is less common but may occur after ionizing radiation exposure, even if the causative mechanisms are not completely clarified....

ey0019.9-8 | Fertility issues and reproductive outcomes in childhood cancer survivors | ESPEYB19

9.8. Temporal changes in the probability of live birth among female survivors of childhood cancer: a population-based adult life after childhood cancer in Scandinavia (ALiCCS) study in five Nordic countries

de Fine Licht S. , Rugbjerg K. , Andersen E.W. , Nielsen T.T. , Nyboe Norsker F. , Kenborg L. , Holmqvist A.S. , Madanat-Harjuoja L.M. , Tryggvadottir L. , Stovall M. , Wesenberg F. , Hjorth L. , Hasle H. , Winther J.F.

Adult Life After Childhood Cancer in Scandinavia Study Cancer 2021; 127: 3881-3892. PMID: 34297360.Brief Summary: This register-based cohort study analysed the likelihood of live birth among female childhood cancer survivors (CCSs) diagnosed in between 1943 and 2006, in comparison with the general population. The prevalence of first live birth was lower in CCSs compared to matched con...