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1. Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology

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New Mechanisms

Updates on Kisspeptin

Basic Science: Single-cell Profiling the Hypothalamus

2. Antenatal and Neonatal Endocrinology

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Neonatal Hypoglycaemia

Neonatal Diabetes Mellitus

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: Neonatal and Long-term Consequences

Maternal Obesity and Long-term Infant Consequences

Impact of Maternal Diet on Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Function

Fetal and Neonatal Cortisol Physiology

Vitamin D Supplementation in Pregnancy and Fetal and Infant Growth

3. Thyroid

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Mechanism of the Year

Thyroid Hormone Action

Thyroid and Pregnancy

Congenital Hypothyroidism

New Genes

Graves’ Disease

Thyroid Cancer

New Guidelines

4. Growth and Growth Factors

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Important for Clinical Practice

New Therapeutic Options

Clinical Trials

New Perspectives

New Mechanisms

New Paradigms

Mechanism of the Year

5. Bone, Growth Plate and Mineral Metabolism

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New Therapies and Novel Therapeutic Strategies

New Insight into Rare Skeletal Disorders

Clinical Advances in Treatment

Clinical Guidance

Basic Science - Growth Plate

Basic Science - Bone

Basic Science - Mineral Metabolism

6. DSD and Gender Dysphoria

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DSD New Paradigm

New Functions of (Old) Genes

Laboratory Medicine in DSD

Gender Dysphoria in DSD

Ethical Aspects

DSD Reviews

Food for Thought in Transgender Medicine

(New) Hope for Fertility Preservation in Transgender

New Working Hypotheses in Transgender

Transgender Reviews

7. Puberty

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Basic Science

Genetics of Puberty

Environmental Factors and Puberty

Clinical Guidance


8. Adrenals

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Mechanism of the Year: Endogenous glucocorticoids suppress immunopathology and promote host resistance to viral infection without compromising protective immunity

New Mechanisms

Important for Clinical Practice

Clinical Trials - New Treatments

New Genes

New Hope

New Concerns

New Paradigms


Food for Thought

9. Oncology and Chronic Disease

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Long Term Outcomes of Childhood Cancer: A Changing Burden

Metabolic and Cardiovascular Risk in Cancer Survivors

Fertility Issues in Chronic Diseases: New Insights

Cancer Treatment and Growth Disorders

Biologic Agents and Growth in Chronic Inflammatory Diseases

10. Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

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11 Obesity and Weight Regulation

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New Insights into Body Weight Regulation

Tracking, Programming, and Epigenetics

Metabolic Signaling

Brown Adipose Tissue: The Story Goes On

Treatment of Severe Obesity: Next Steps

12. Type 2 Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Lipid Metabolism

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Type 2 Diabetes

Metabolic Syndrome

Lipid Metabolism

Most Amusing Article of the Year

13. Global Health for the Paediatric Endocrinologist

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Endocrinology: Newborn Screening

Endocrinology: Disorders of Sexual Development

Growth and Nutrition


14. Year in Science and Medicine 2019

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15 Editorsߣ Choice

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