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Yearbook of Paediatric Endocrinology 2021

11. Obesity and Weight Regulation

Mechanism of the year

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11.10. Intercellular mitochondria transfer to macrophages regulates white adipose tissue homeostasis and is impaired in obesity

JR Brestoff , CB Wilen , JR Moley , Y Li , W Zou , NP Malvin , MN Rowen , BT Saunders , H Ma , MR Mack , BL Hykes , DR Balce , A Orvedahl , JW Williams , N Rohatgi , X Wang , MR McAllaster , SA Handley , BS Kim , JG Doench , BH Zinselmeyer , MS Diamond , HW Virgin , AE Gelman , SL Teitelbaum

Cell Metab 2021;33(2): 270–282.e8. doi: et al. show, for the first time, that mitochondria are transferred from adipocytes to macrophages and that this event has an impact on systemic metabolic homeostasis.Within the last years, it has been demonstrated that cells are able to communicate with each other by the exchange of organell...