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Yearbook of Paediatric Endocrinology 2021

4. Growth and Growth Factors

Important for clinical practice

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4.1. Diagnosis of severe growth hormone deficiency in the newborn

Binder Gerhard , Weber Karin , Rieflin Nora , Steinruck Louis , Blumenstock Gunnar , Janzen Nils , Franz Axel R.

Clinical Endocrinology. 2020;93:305–311. doi: 10.1111/cen.14264. PMID: 32521075This study analyzed retrospectively GH content in newborn screening cards of 20 children with clinical features suggestive of GH deficiency (such as recurrent hypoglycemia) compared to screening cards from 281 healthy newborns, and determined 7 ng/ml to be the optimal a cut off value for the diagnosis of GH defic...

ey0018.4-2 | Important for clinical practice | ESPEYB18

4.2. Clinical characteristics of short-stature patients with an NPR2 mutation and the therapeutic response to rhGH

Ke X , Liang H , Miao H , Yang H , Wang L , Gong F , Pan H , Zhu H

Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2021;106(2):431–441. doi: 10.1210/clinem/dgaa842. PMID: 33205215This study aimed to describe the clinical characteristics of 6 patients with NPR2 gene mutations and the response to rhGH treatment in 2 of them.The natriuretic peptide receptor 2 gene (NPR2) is a paracrine factor involved in the regulation of cell proliferati...

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4.3. Growth hormone retesting during puberty: a cohort study

Cavarzere Paolo , Gaudino Rossella , Sandri Marco , Ramaroli Diego Alberto , Pietrobelli Angelo , Zaffanello Marco , Guzzo Alessandra , Salvagno Gian Luca , Piacentini Giorgio , Antoniazzi Franco

European Journal of Endocrinology (2020) 182, 559–567. doi: 10.1530/EJE-19-0646. PMID: 32337961 paolocavarzere@yahoo.itThese authors enrolled 80 prepubertal patients (46 boys; 34 girls) with idiopathic isolated GHD and normal brain MRI, who were treated with rhGH for at least two years. The data show that GH therapy could be safely stopped ...

ey0018.4-4 | Important for clinical practice | ESPEYB18

4.4. Growth hormone treatment in Prader-Willi syndrome patients: systematic review and meta-analysis

Passone Caroline de Gouveia Buff , Franco Ruth Rocha , Ito Simone Sakura , Trindade Evelinda , Polak Michel , Damiani Durval , Bernardo Wanderley Marques

BMJ Paediatrics Open 2020;4:e000630. doi: 10.1136/bmjpo-2019-000630. PMID: 32411831This systematic review and meta-analysis provides an up to date report on rhGH in patients with Prader–Willi syndrome (PWS). The review included 463 papers published until September 2019. 16 randomized (RCTs) and 20 not randomized (NRCTs) trials were selected for the meta-analysis. The findings suppor...