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Yearbook of Paediatric Endocrinology 2021

9. Oncology and Chronic Disease

Cancer treatment and the risk of second neoplasia

ey0018.9-1 | Cancer treatment and the risk of second neoplasia | ESPEYB18

9.1. Risk factors of subsequent central nervous system tumors after childhood and adolescent cancers: findings from the french childhood cancer survivor study

NMY Journy , WS Zrafi , S Bolle , B Fresneau , C Alapetite , RS Allodji , D Berchery , N Haddy , I Kobayashi , M Labbe , H Pacquement , C Pluchart , B Schwartz , V Souchard , C Thomas-Teinturier , C Veres , G Vu-Bezin , I Diallo , F de Vathaire

Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2021; 30: 133–141. retrospective study of 152 patients and 604 matched-controls within the FCCSS (French Childhood Cancer Survivor Study) cohort aimed to identify clinical and therapeutic factors associated with long-term risk of subsequent primary neoplasm (SPN) in the central nervous system (CNS), occurri...

ey0018.9-2 | Cancer treatment and the risk of second neoplasia | ESPEYB18

9.2. Influence of growth hormone therapy on the occurrence of a second neoplasm in survivors of childhood cancer

C Thomas-Teinturier , I Oliver-Petit , H Pacquement , B Fresneau , RS Allodji , C Veres , S Bolle , D Berchery , CHaddy N Demoor-Goldschmidt , I Diallo , F. de Vathaire

Eur J Endocrinol. 2020; 183: 471–480. cohort and nested case–control study analyzed the impact of growth hormone (GH) treatment on the risk of second neoplasm (SN) in a French cohort of 2852 childhood cancer survivors (CCS) treated before 1986. In total, 126 (64.3%) survivors who received GH had been treated for a brain tumor, 22 (11.2...