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Yearbook of Paediatric Endocrinology 2022

8. Adrenals

Food for Thought

ey0019.8-17 | Food for Thought | ESPEYB19

8.17. The mediating pathways between parental separation in childhood and offspring hypertension at midlife

S Stannard , A Berrington , NA Alwan

Sci Rep. 2022; 12(1): 7062. PMID: 35488035 Summary: This study provides evidence on the relationship between parental separation and hypertension at midlife and suggests interventions to enhance the psychological and cognitive development of girls who have experienced parental separation to help reduce multiple adverse health outcomes, including ...

ey0019.8-18 | Food for Thought | ESPEYB19

8.18. Associations between testosterone, estradiol, and androgen receptor genotype with amygdala subregions in adolescents

CE Campbell , AF Mezher , JM Tyszka , BJ Nagel , SP Eckel , MM Herting

Psychoneuroendocrinology. 2022; 137: 105604. PMID: 34971856 Summary: This study evaluated the associations between the amygdala total and sub-region volumes in relation to sex hormones – estradiol and free testosterone – as a function of age and genetic differences in androgen receptor sensitivity in 297 adolescents. It provides new kno...