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Yearbook of Paediatric Endocrinology 2023

ey0020.12-6 | Steroids | ESPEYB20

12.6. Classic and 11-oxygenated androgens in serum and saliva across adulthood: a cross-sectional study analyzing the impact of age, body mass index, and diurnal and menstrual cycle variation

L Schiffer , P Kempegowda , AJ Sitch , JE Adaway , F Shaheen , A Ebbehoj , S Singh , MP McTaggart , MW O'Reilly , A Prete , JM Hawley , BG Keevil , I Bancos , AE Taylor , W Arlt

Brief summary: In this cross-sectional study, 11-oxygenated androgens were measured in morning serum samples from 290 healthy adults (125 men, age 22–95 years; 165 women, age 21–91 years) by LC–MSMS (liquid chromatography, tandem mass spectrometry) to generate normative values across the lifespan. In a subset of volunteers (n=83), additional measurements were performed in saliva to assess diurnal and menstrual cycle-dependent variation. In general, it w...

ey0020.12-7 | Steroids | ESPEYB20

12.7. Preoperative circulating 11-oxygenated androgens are associated with metastasis-free survival in localized prostate cancer

C Dahmani , P Caron , D Simonyan , L Lacombe , A Aprikian , F Saad , M Carmel , S Chevalier , E Levesque , C Guillemette

Brief summary: In the prospective PROCURE study cohort (n=1783), 11-oxygenated androgens were studied in all men with newly diagnosed localized prostate cancer before undergoing radical prostatectomy. Data were related to clinical outcomes (e.g. metastatic disease). Levels of the adrenal androgen precursor 11b-OH-androstenedione were associated with progressive disease, while levels of the predominant bioactive 11-ketotestosterone and its metabolite 11-ketoandrosteron...

ey0020.12-8 | Steroids | ESPEYB20

12.8. Interpretation of steroid biomarkers in 21-hydroxylase deficiency and their use in disease management

K Sarafoglou , DP Merke , N Reisch , H Claahsen-van der Grinten , H Falhammar , RJ Auchus

Brief summary: In this Minireview, one pediatric and one adult case with 21-hydroxylase deficiency (21OHD) are discussed with respect to different clinical questions and steroid biomarkers reflecting their diagnosis, treatment and disease control. Basics of the disease mechanisms with different aspects throughout life (childhood, adulthood, sex, fertility and pregnancy) are discussed to lay grounds for the interpretation and use of laboratory data, including the newer 11-oxyge...