ISSN 1662-4009 (online)

ey0018.9-15 | Iatrogenic adrenal insufficiency and chronic steroid therapy | ESPEYB18

9.15. Risk of adrenal insufficiency following intra-articular or periarticular corticosteroid injections among children with chronic arthritis

J Turmel-Roy , MA Bedard , M Millette , D Simonyan , JP Proulx-Gauthier , I Rousseau-Nepton

J Pediatr Endocrinol Metab. 2020; 33: 1257–1263. retrospective study evaluated the prevalence of adrenal insufficiency after a single intra-articular corticosteroid injection (IACI) in 60 children with chronic arthritis. Adrenal insufficiency was diagnosed in 30% (18/60) and was associated with higher doses of injected corticosteroid. Media...

ey0020.12-7 | Steroids | ESPEYB20

12.7. Preoperative circulating 11-oxygenated androgens are associated with metastasis-free survival in localized prostate cancer

C Dahmani , P Caron , D Simonyan , L Lacombe , A Aprikian , F Saad , M Carmel , S Chevalier , E Levesque , C Guillemette

Brief summary: In the prospective PROCURE study cohort (n=1783), 11-oxygenated androgens were studied in all men with newly diagnosed localized prostate cancer before undergoing radical prostatectomy. Data were related to clinical outcomes (e.g. metastatic disease). Levels of the adrenal androgen precursor 11b-OH-androstenedione were associated with progressive disease, while levels of the predominant bioactive 11-ketotestosterone and its metabolite 11-ketoandrosteron...