ISSN 1662-4009 (online)

ey0017.5-10 | Novel Receptor Signaling Mechanisms | ESPEYB17

5.10. Salt-inducible kinases dictate parathyroid hormone 1 receptor action in bone development and remodelling

S Nishimori , MJ O’Meara , CD Castro , H Noda , M Cetinbas , J da Silva Martins , U Ayturk , DJ Brooks , M Bruce , M Nagata , W Ono , CJ Janton , ML Bouxsein , M Foretz , R Berdeaux , RI Sadreyev , T Gardella , H Juppner , HM Kronenberg , MN Wein

To read the full abstract: J Clin Invest 2019;129:5187–5203.In brief: This report establishes inhibition of salt-inducible kinases as a central mechanism by which the parathyroid hormone 1 receptor (PTH1R) exerts its effects in both growth plate chondrocytes and osteoblasts/osteocytes during skeletal development, growth, and remodelling.Commentary</e...