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ey0016.7-8 | Environmental Factors and Puberty | ESPEYB16

7.8. Systematic review and meta-analysis of the association between childhood physical activity and age at menarche

L Calthorpe , S Brage , KK Ong

To read the full abstract: Acta Paediatr. 2019 Jun;108(6):1008–1015.This meta-analysis reviews the association between physical activity and age at menarche.The onset of puberty is a multifactorial trait including a wide range of genetic and environmental components. Age at menarche has been associated with several environmental factors such as ...

ey0017.7-6 | Clinical Guidance | ESPEYB17

7.6. Age at menarche associated with subsequent educational attainment and risk-taking behaviours: The Pelotas 1982 Birth Cohort

LM Calthorpe , DP Gigante , BL Horta , KK Ong

To read the full abstract: Annals of Human Biology vol. 47,1 (2020): 18–24. doi: cohort study identifies an association between pubertal timing in females and educational attainment as well as risk-taking behaviours in a Brazilian population during economic transition. <p class=...

ey0016.7-9 | Environmental Factors and Puberty | ESPEYB16

7.9. Age at menarche and blood pressure in pregnancy

CJ Petry , KK Ong , IA Hughes , CL Acerini , DB Dunger

To read the full abstract: Pregnancy Hypertens. 2019 Jan;15:134–140.This observational cohort study highlights the negative association between age at menarche and blood pressure in pregnancy, and the probable relationship with BMI and insulin resistance.Age at menarche (AAM) is influenced by genetic and environmental determinants (1). Given that some...

ey0020.5-3 | Clinical Guidance and Studies | ESPEYB20

5.3. Pre-pubertal accelerometer-assessed physical activity and timing of puberty in British boys and girls: the Millennium Cohort Study

TS Cheng , S Brage , EMF van Sluijs , KK Ong

Brief summary: This longitudinal UK cohort study examined the prospective associations between objectively measured physical activity, independently of BMI, and pubertal timing in boys and girls.This large study analyzed device-measured physical activity and its intensity in relation to puberty timing, using accelerometers worn on the right hip. A previous meta-analysis reported that female athletes had later age at menarche than non-athletes (1), but it...

ey0015.7-13 | Secular trends and Turner syndrome | ESPEYB15

7.13 Secular Trends on Birth Parameters, Growth, and Pubertal Timing in Girls with Turner Syndrome

J Woelfle , A Lindberg , F Aydin , KK Ong , C Camacho-Hubner , B Gohlke

To read the full abstract: Front Endocrinol (Lausanne). 2018 Feb 28;9:54Secular trends in birth parameters1-3, growth4,5, and timing of puberty6-8 are observed in normal populations. Changes in nutrition, better access to health care, and other environmental factors have been implicated as causative factors for those changes. Here, the authors assessed secular ...

ey0017.7-13 | Basic Science | ESPEYB17

7.13. Genomic analysis of male puberty timing highlights shared genetic basis with hair colour and lifespan

B Hollis , FR Day , AS Busch , DJ Thompson , ALG Soares , PRHJ Timmers , A Kwong , DF Easton , PK Joshi , NJ; PRACTICAL Consortium; 23andMe Research Team Timpson , KK Ong , JRB Perry

To read the full abstract: Nature communications vol. 11,1 1536. 24 Mar. 2020. doi: multi-trait genome-wide association study (GWAS) for male puberty timing identifies 76 independent signals for puberty timing and highlights relationships with natural hair colour and lifespan. The timing of puber...

ey0017.13-10 | Endocrinology | ESPEYB17

13.10. Timing of the infancy-childhood growth transition in rural Gambia

RM Bernstein , GK O’Connor , EA Vance , N Affara , S Drammeh , DB Dunger , A Faal , KK Ong , F Sosseh , AM Prentice , SE Moore

To read the full abstract: Front. Endocrinol. 2020 11:142. doi: 10.3389/fendo.2020.00142• A delayed transition from the infancy to the childhood growth stage contributes to sub-optimal growth outcomes.• Using a novel method to assess the timing of infancy-childhood transition (quantification of patterns of adjacent monthly weight-for-age z-score (WAZ) deviation correlations), th...

ey0016.7-6 | Genetics of Puberty | ESPEYB16

7.6. Elucidating the genetic architecture of reproductive ageing in the Japanese population

M Horikoshi , FR Day , M Akiyama , M Hirata , Y Kamatani , K Matsuda , K Ishigaki , M Kanai , H Wright , CA Toro , SR Ojeda , A Lomniczi , M Kubo , KK Ong , JRB Perry

To read the full abstract: Nat Commun. 2018 May. 17;9(1):1977.This population study reports 26 loci for ages at menarche and menopause in a Japanese population and demonstrates widespread differences in allele frequencies and effect estimates between Japanese and European variants.Over the past decade, genome-wide association study (GWAS) meta-analys...