ISSN 1662-4009 (online)

ey0018.3-4 | Thyroid development | ESPEYB18

3.4. Single-cell transcriptome analysis reveals thyrocyte diversity in the zebrafish thyroid gland

P Gillotay , M Shankar , B Haerlingen , E Sema Elif , M Pozo-Morales , I Garteizgogeascoa , S Reinhardt , A Krankel , J Blasche , A Petzold , N Ninov , G Kesavan , C Lange , M Brand , A Lefort , F Libert , V Detours , S Costagliola , S Sumeet Pal

EMBO Rep. 2020;21:e50612. doi: 10.15252/embr.202050612.This zebrafish study identified and molecularly characterized adult transcriptionally different thyrocyte subpopulations even within the same follicle.It is well established that within a thyroid gland, follicles are heterogenous concerning functional activity. More active follicles are characterized by a high co...

ey0020.1-4 | Thyroid Development | ESPEYB20

1.4. Transplantable human thyroid organoids generated from embryonic stem cells to rescue hypothyroidism

M Romitti , A Tourneur , B de Faria da Fonseca , G Doumont , P Gillotay , XH Liao , SE Eski , G Van Simaeys , L Chomette , H Lasolle , O Monestier , DF Kasprzyk , V Detours , SP Singh , S Goldman , S Refetoff , S Costagliola

Brief summary: In recent years, generation of human organoids of different tissues from human embryonic stem cells have been realized, e.g. intestine, liver, and lung among others. In contrast, so far all attempts to generate fully mature and functional human thyroid follicular cells from stem cells was not successful. Romitti et al. present for the first time successful generation of transplantable and functional human thyroid organoids derived from human embryonic s...