ISSN 1662-4009 (online)

ey0018.3-2 | Thyroid hormone action | ESPEYB18

3.2. A coregulator shift, rather than the canonical switch, underlies thyroid hormone action in the liver

Y Shabtai , NK Nagaraj , K Batmanov , YW Cho , Y Guan , C Jiang , J Remsberg , D Forrest , MA Lazar

Genes Dev. 2021;35(5–6):367–378. doi: 10.1101/gad.345686.120.The longstanding concept of thyroid hormone (TH) action is summarized as the canonical switch model. This study adds important aspects of TH action to our current understanding, modifying this longstanding switch model to a “shift” model.According to the current concept, TH dependent gene...

ey0019.10-4 | Mechanisms | ESPEYB19

10.4. Childhood body size directly increases type 1 diabetes risk based on a lifecourse Mendelian randomization approach

TG Richardson , DJM Crouch , GM Power , F Morales-Berstein , E Hazelwood , S Fang , Y Cho , JRJ Inshaw , CC Robertson , C Sidore , F Cucca , SS Rich , JA Todd , Smith G Davey

Nat Commun. 2022 Apr 28;13(1):2337. Summary: This Mendelian randomization study analysed genetic data from 454,023 individuals from the UK Biobank and 15,573 type 1 diabetes (T1D) cases from other cohorts and provides strong evidence that larger childhood body size increases T1D risk, independently from body size at birth and during adulthood.<...