ISSN 1662-4009 (online)

ey0020.9-9 | Genetic Obesity and Genetic Risk Score | ESPEYB20

9.9. Genetic risk score enhances the risk prediction of severe obesity in adult survivors of childhood cancer

Y Sapkota , W Qiu , SB Dixon , CL Wilson , Z Wang , J Zhang , W Leisenring , EJ Chow , S Bhatia , GT Armstrong , LL Robison , MM Hudson , A Delaney , Y Yasui

Brief summary: This study evaluated the ability of genetic risk scores to predict severe obesity in adult survivors of childhood cancer. Data from 2548 survivors of European ancestry from the St. Jude Lifetime Cohort Study was analyzed and findings were validated in 6064 survivors from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study. Survivors with higher genetic risk scores had significantly higher odds of severe obesity. Adding genetic risk scores to prediction models that included canc...

ey0016.9-1 | Long Term Outcomes of Childhood Cancer: A Changing Burden | ESPEYB16

9.1. The changing burden of long-term health outcomes in survivors of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia: a retrospective analysis of the St Jude lifetime cohort study

DA Mulrooney , G Hyun , KK Ness , N Bhakta , CH Pui , MJ Ehrhardt , KR Krull , DB Crom , W Chemaitilly , DK Srivastava , MV Relling , S Jeha , DM Green , Y Yasui , LL Robison , MM Hudson

To read the full abstract: Lancet Haematol. 2019 Jun; 6(6): e306.The St Jude Lifetime (SJLIFE) Cohort is a retrospective cohort of childhood cancer survivors (CCS), who are followed prospectively in order to evaluate long-term health outcomes. This study evaluated chronic health conditions in 980 childhood lymphoblastic leukaemia survivors of the SJLIFE cohort, compared to 272 matched co...

ey0018.9-8 | Genetic susceptibility to treatment-related gonadotoxicity | ESPEYB18

9.8. Possible modification of BRSK1 on the risk of alkylating chemotherapy-related reduced ovarian function

ALF van der Kooi , M van Dijk , L Broer , MH van den Berg , JSE Laven , FE van Leeuwen , CB Lambalk , A Overbeek , JJ Loonen , HJ van der Pal , WJ Tissing , B Versluys , D Bresters , CCM Beerendonk , CR Ronckers , M van der Heiden-van der Loo , GL Kaspers , ACH de Vries , LL Robison , MM Hudson , W Chemaitilly , J Byrne , C Berger , E Clemens , U Dirksen , J Falck Winther , SD Fossa , D Grabow , R Haupt , M Kaiser , T Kepak , J Kruseova , D Modan-Moses , SMF Pluijm , C Spix , O Zolk , P Kaatsch , JH Krijthe , LC Kremer , Y Yasui , RJ Brooke , AG Uitterlinden , M van den Heuvel-Eibrink , E Mvan Dulmen-den Broeder

Hum Reprod. 2021; 36: 1120–1133. multi-centre retrospective cohort study identifies that common genetic variants in DNA repair genes modify the damage induced by alkylating agents on ovarian function, as assessed by low AMH levels.Alkylating agents are known to induce apoptosis of cancer cells by damaging DNA replicat...

ey0019.9-14 | Fertility issues and reproductive outcomes in childhood cancer survivors | ESPEYB19

9.14. Effect of Genetic Variation in CYP450 on gonadal impairment in a European cohort of female childhood cancer survivors, based on a candidate gene approach: results from the PanCareLIFE study

der Perk MEM van , L Broer , Y Yasui , LL Robison , MM Hudson , JSE Laven , der Pal HJ van , WJE Tissing , B Versluys , D Bresters , GJL Kaspers , Vries ACH de , CB Lambalk , A Overbeek , JJ Loonen , CCM Beerendonk , J Byrne , C Berger , E Clemens , U Dirksen , Winther J Falck , SD Fossa , D Grabow , M Muraca , M Kaiser , T Kepak , J Kruseova , D Modan-Moses , C Spix , O Zolk , P Kaatsch , JH Krijthe , LCM Kremer , RJ Brooke , JL Baedke , RHN van Schaik , JN van den Anker , AG Uitterlinden , AME Bos , FE van Leeuwen , E van Dulmen-den Broeder , ALF van der Kooi , MM van den Heuvel-Eibrink

On Behalf Of The PanCareLIFE Consortium. Cancers (Basel). 2021; 13: 4598. PMID: 34572825.Brief Summary: This cohort study of female childhood cancer survivors (CCS) identified associations between specific nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) in cytochrome P450 (CYP450) enzymes, which metabolize alkylating agents (AA), and variability in AA-induced o...