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Yearbook of Paediatric Endocrinology 2018

ey0015.12-15 | New Genes | ESPEYB15

12.15 A LIMA1 variant promotes low plasma LDL cholesterol and decreases intestinal cholesterol absorption

Y-Y Zhang , Z-Y Fu , J Wei , W Qi , G Baituola , J Luo , Y-J Meng , S-Y Guo , H Yin , S-Y Jiang , Y-F Li , H-H Miao , Y Liu , Y Wang , B-L Li , Y-T Ma , B-L Song

To read the full abstract: Science 2018;360:1087-1092During the Cardiovascular Risk Survey in western China, a Kazakh family with inherited low levels of LDL-C was identified. The Kazakhs are mainly descendent from the Turkic and medieval Mongol peoples, they live in isolated regions and usually marry within their own ethnic group. They exhibit often unique differences in single nucleotide vari...