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Yearbook of Paediatric Endocrinology 2018

5 Bone, Growth Plate and Mineral Metabolism

Towards evidence-based vitamin D supplementation

ey0015.5-6 | Towards evidence-based vitamin D supplementation | ESPEYB15

5.6 Effect of Higher vs Standard Dosage of Vitamin D3 Supplementation on Bone Strength and Infection in Healthy Infants: A Randomized Clinical Trial

J Rosendahl , S Valkama , E Holmlund-Suila , M Enlund-Cerullo , H Hauta-Alus , O Helve , T Hytinantti , E Levälahti , E Kajantie , H Viljakainen , O Mäkitie , S Andersson

To read the full abstract: JAMA Pediatr 2018;172(7):646-654Vitamin D deficiency in infants can lead to impaired bone mineralization and rickets. Since the 1920s, vitamin D has been used to prevent and treat rickets, but the optimal supplementation dose for bone health was unclear. Similarly, potential extra-skeletal benefits of vitamin D in childhood have been inadequately explored. Ac...