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Yearbook of Paediatric Endocrinology 2018

ey0015.5-14 | Of poodles and danes | ESPEYB15

5.14 Growth plate expression profiling: Large and small breed dogs provide new insights in endochondral bone formation

M Teunissen , FM Riemers , D van Leenen , MJA Groot Koerkamp , BP Meij , J Alblas , LC Penning , A Miranda-Bedate , MA Tryfonidou

To read the full abstract: J Orthop Res 2018;36:138-148Dogs are growth biologists’ best friends – due to the broad intra-species variance in body size, canine breeds offer a unique opportunity to study genetic differences mainly affecting linear growth. In their previous publication, the authors found drastic differences between miniature and large dog breeds in known key regulators of th...