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Yearbook of Paediatric Endocrinology 2020

3. Thyroid

Thyroid hormone action

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3.2. Multiple mechanisms regulate H3 acetylation of enhancers in response to thyroid hormone

SM Praestholm , MS Siersbaek , R Nielsen , X Zhu , A Hollenberg , SY Cheng , L Grontved

To read the full abstract: PLoS Genet. 2020;16:e1008770.Præstholm et al. quantified by a genomics approach histone H3 acetylation – an epigenetic mark for DNase accessible chromatin – at thyroid hormone target gene enhancers to challenge the current model of genome binding action of T3 (type 1 action of thyroid hormone receptors (TR)) [1]. For this, they investigated genome-wide the liver of WT mice at hypothyroid and hyp...