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Yearbook of Paediatric Endocrinology 2020

ey0017.11-4 | Basic Science | ESPEYB17

11.4. Omega-3 fatty acids activate ciliary FFAR4 to control adipogenesis

KI Hilgendorf , CT Johnson , A Mezger , SL Rice , AM Norris , J Demeter , WJ Greenleaf , JF Reiter , D Kopinke , PK Jackson

To read the full abstract: Cell. 2019;179, 1–17. doi: current study demonstrates that primary cilia, which are present on all adult mesenchymal stem cells including preadipocytes, play a major role in adipogenic differentiation. Using a transgenic mouse model where all preadipocytes were devoid of cilia, they could elegantly show that cilia ...